Industrial computers and commercial computers have always been inextricably linked. They each have their own application areas, but they affect each other and promote each other, reflecting the progress of science and technology. At present, it is better to do Sanqi Tuoda in China and Advantech in Taiwan. Advantech has a higher reputation, but its price is higher. The industrial computer site can be embedded in the machine, cabinet or placed on the operation table, and it can be used as a man-machine display interface. It is used in telecommunications, electric power, multimedia, national defense, automation equipment, manufacturing and other fields. It is used as a man-machine interface, thin client, PLC and POS communication and control terminals. Digital hospitals are used as bedside service terminals and outpatient terminals to improve hospital service and management. Banks, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, buses, subway stations, parks and other public places as media (advertisement) players or inquiry terminals. High-end residential quarters are used as home service terminals to implement intercom, message, cost inquiry, product order, home appliance management, temperature and humidity control, etc.