The LTM series is designed to meet the needs of human-computer interaction in the market. Our engineers have developed 8-inch to 65-inch LCD touch monitors and touch all-in-ones to provide longer life, high picture quality, and a wide temperature range. It can be used for uninterrupted operation in rugged equipment in harsh environments (high and low temperature, humidity, salt spray and rain) and harsh conditions (high shock, high vibration, and fall). Support a variety of signal input interfaces, including VGA and Video, special requirements can increase DVI and HMI interfaces; support DC12V or AC220V power input, special requirements support DC 9 ~ 36V wide voltage input can be wall-mounted, folding / rotating bottom seat Embedded installation, open installation and other diversified installation methods to meet the various needs of customers. Specially designed folding base, adjustable for multiple angles; no shaking when touched; TFT digital true color LCD display mode to meet customer visual effects; hidden adjustment panel to make the frame more smooth and flat; touch screen can flexibly choose serial port, The USB port communicates with the host, using resistive screens, sonic screens, and infrared screens to meet customer environmental needs.